Friday, 6 October 2017

Seniors Driver's License Renewal Program

We are helping to draw attention to an upcoming event in our neighborhood hosted by our friends at Life After Fifty on a topic of great interest to our seniors.

 The details are below:

Subject: Driving Safe Presentation– 80+ Driver’s Renewal Process

Life After Fifty and Vantage Events are co-hosting a presentation for 80+ Seniors who are looking to learn more about the 80+ Driver’s Renewal Program.

A presentation given by Sean Wraight, Road Safety Marketing Officer from the Ministry of Transportation will cover the testing requirement and renewal process for those 80 years and older. Also discussed will be trends and statistics for older drivers, signs of aging and medications that may affect driving ability plus safety tips and recent rules of the road.

Cost: FREE

Date: Thursday October 19, 2017 

The 60 minute presentation will be offered at 1:00pm and again at 2:30pm.


Life After Fifty’s East Side Centre
(located in the WFCU Centre)
8787 McHugh St.

To Register: 

Pre-registration is required to reserve a seat and may be made by calling Meg at Life After Fifty at 519-254-1108 ext. 201 or by emailing mchaberek@lifeafterfifty

Thursday, 31 August 2017

Retirement Living - 10 Smart Choices

This article was featured in OurWestEnd Community Newsletter - Summer 2017

1. LTC versus RH:
A Retirement Home (RH) is not a Long Term Care (LTC) Home. LTC is more hospital-like, long-term and dictated by a person’s health. Conversely, an RT is a community of retirees living independently with many convenient services.

2. Budget
Avoid an RH that doesn’t communicate prices before you tour. Rates may vary depending on your attire. Remember only YOU can determine what is affordable for the long haul.

3. Location
Where do family and friends live? The more convenient it is for them to visit, the better.

4. Community versus isolation

Many elders secretly suer from a horrible type of depression: “failure to thrive”. Living at home independently is admirable but humans are social animals. Even the most private person needs interaction with others to be healthy. RT offers both community contact and the privacy of your own space.

5. Privacy
If you like privacy avoid “semi-private” to save money. There is no privacy in a semi-private room.

6. Activities
Vibrant community life includes optional planned activities throughout the day. Ask if excursion fees are included or an added cost.

7. What is included?

Beware of ‘bait and switch’ pricing. Some RH “up charge” for common conveniences: phone, TV, internet, emergency pendant, medical administration. Others really are all-inclusive.

8. Assistance
Need more care? Some RT require you to move out when health deteriorates. Avoid moving again and choose an RH that offers “assisted living”, too.

9. Government Assistance
Services available to you in your own home are available in an RH. Use them to help lower your ‘assisted living’ costs.

10. Don’t procrastinate!
While you have the spirit and health, why not enjoy life? An RH can offer many more years of vibrant, safe living in a retiree community environment.

Bonus idea:
Room Size: think of renting only your master bedroom, together with a shared mansion. RH is not an apartment or house. Otherwise, the downsizing will be a shock.